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1. Nico’s new birthday toys. New toys for Nico means new toys for me! (and Matt and Lucas!)

2. My new beauty regiment. I’ve been using this every night, and seriously, my skin has never felt so supple.

3. Nightly light shows, put on by Nico. These FyrFlyz are so cool. They’ve kept us entertained for days.

4. Family trip to The Whitney. We enjoyed it, but man is it quiet in there! Nico’s definition of “whispering” is debatable.

5. Homemade eggs florentine with veggie bacon, using Martha’s Hollandaise Sauce recipe.

I’m looking forward to the fall weather set to hit New York this weekend. Yay for scarves, sweaters and socks! Here’s to a wonderfully cool weekend… cheers!

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a new high chair


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Don’t you just love this high chair? It isn’t out to buy yet, but I just had to show it to you. I want it. See more pictures here. This is the company that it was designed for.


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I have an older sister (I actually have 3, but I’m talking about my sister Cathy). She’s 13 years older than me and is like my second mom. She was (and is) an INCREDIBLE mom and growing up, I wanted to be just like her. I even admired how her toes were so cute and they aren’t spaced out like mine, so I decided it was a good idea to take a rubber band and tie my toes together overnight to help them get that way… that didn’t end well, but I digress.

One thing that I admire about her is that she is always prepared. She has a kit for everything. Because of her, I grew up thinking that a good mom consists of being prepared for anything, and I still believe that this is somewhat true.

So one thing that I’ve been meaning to do is create a good boo boo kit for my little boo. There are some pretty miraculous natural remedies out there, many times much better than the conventional kind.

Here are some of my favorite things that I will add to my own first aid kit:

Bandages. Every first aid kit would be incomplete without them.

Band Aids. Fun band aids still make me feel better.

Tweezers. I once pulled out a splinter from Cathy’s ear cartilage; it was so weird.

Arnica. This homeopathic stuff can make bruises and swelling go down like magic.

Scissors. To go with your bandages.

Lavender Oil. It is an antiseptic and it has a great cooling effect, perfect for burns. Has a calming effect too! A little goes a long way.

Mr. Bump Bruise Soother. Keep it in the freezer and pull it out when there’s a bump that needs soothing. We also have a boo boo bunny that Michelle gave us!

Neosporin. It’s a classic.

Calendula Cream. Helps with scrapes, burns and skin irritations. Also works great on diaper rash!

Witch Hazel. An antiseptic that is much more soothing than pure alcohol.


I honestly hope I never have to use these things, but I’ll be glad I have them on hand if I do.

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Have you ever seen anything cuter? Seriously! How adorable would your little guy/girl be one of these coats?

The air has just a touch of chill and it is making me so excited for the weather to change (yes, yes, Los Angeles, blah blah blah, but yes, it changes here too).

They are each handmade with wool felt, interlined with poly fleece for warmth and lined with fun cotton prints. Some of her coats have claws, some have teeth, and still others have tails! How fun and how perfect for halloween!

Visit Molly Goodall’s etsy store here.




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a bunch of blocks


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The only thing that rivals a brand new box of crayons is a bunch of wooden blocks. They are so much fun! Kids can’t resist them, and honestly, neither can adults!

Here are some that I love, from left to right, up to down, the same way we read!

1. Eames House Blocks. $175.

2. Neutraface Slab Blocks. $60.

3. Spanish ABC Blocks. $37.

4. Melissa and Dough ABC/123 Blocks. $15.

5. Classic ABC Blocks. $35.

6. XYZ Blocks. $38.

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1. a family trip to the pasadena rosebowl flea market. aren’t these big letters and numbers fun? i wish i knew what to do with them.

2. a new polka dot dress. polka dots are the new stripes.

3. a postcard announcing the modernica sale. yay!

4. a can of sweetened condensed milk. i’ve been making my own vietnamese iced coffee. so. so. so. good.

5. a pair of soft boiled eggs with salt, cracked pepper, and bread. also so. so. so. good.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, filled with warm food to welcome the fall!

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My little guy HATES the car. He HATES it. He screams and fusses and is just generally unhappy. It definitely isn’t very safe for me to drive around with him screaming since it stresses me out. The one thing that helps with driving with him is music. He just LOVES music, classical especially.

I think he might enjoy some other music, so I’ve put together a little soundtrack that mommies and kids can enjoy together. Some are sweet and mellow, some are for sing-alongs together, some are classic and some are current.

The Beatles. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. 

Bob Marley. Three Little Birds.

Queen. Somebody to Love.

Leonard Cohen via Jeff Buckley. Hallelujah.

Van Morrison. Crazy Love.

Simon & Garfunkel. Cecilia.

Feist. 1234.

Paul Simon. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.

Paul Simon. Father and Daughter.

Bon Iver. Re: Stacks.

Cat Stevens. Don’t Be Shy.

Regina Spektor. Fidelity.

Lykke Li. Little Bit.






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a safe ride


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how cute is this shirt? get it here.

Something about riding in the car with a little person makes you hyper aware of how dangerous it really is out there! For some reason, the desire to protect is magnified ten fold!

I wanted to post about the top ten safest cars under $25,000, because let’s face it, mommy and daddy are on a budget; diapers are expensive!

1. Saturn Astra. $16,616.

2. Scion xB. $16,230.

3. Hyundai Sonata. $18,195.

4. Volkswagon Rabbit. $18,200.

5. Mini Cooper. $19,200.

6. Toyota Camry. $19,740.

7. Volvo C30. $23,445.

8. Dodge Charger. $24,510.

9. Honda Accord. $19,000

10. Mazda CX-7. $24,345.

see the complete list here.

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As we mentioned yesterday, it is National Child Passenger Safety Week, so in keeping with the car safety celebration, this week’s etsy spotlight is on Josh & Teo’s Toy Leash Tether Strap.

No more dangerously reaching back to pick up fallen toys while driving! These toy leashes keep toys near your child, eliminating those moments when the little one is hysterical about his Sophie being on the floor, or when Batman is flying at your head while you’re focusing on the road.

Simply attach one end to a toy or sippy cup, and the other end to your car seat (or stroller, highchair, shopping cart, etc), and it will keep your child’s things near and off the ground, letting you stay focused on driving.

Josh & Teo offers these toy leashes ($10/each) in many cute colors and designs, and when it ships to you, it arrives with a nice little tag and adorably packaged in cellophane – ready to be given as a present! And not only are these toy leashes geniusly and attractively designed, they’re handmade, too!

A special offer for our readers: Josh & Teo is giving you 10% off when you enter coupon code SPROUTINGACORN10 at check out!

AND one more thing! Are you ready for this?… we are doing our VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!! One lucky winner will get 1 toy leash of their choice from Josh & Teo’s etsy shop. The prize can be mailed to an address in the US or Canada only.

Here’s how to enter the free giveaway:
1. Leave a comment below about this post, and indicate which toy leash you would like.
2. Follow us on Facebook
3. “Like” Josh & Teo’s Facebook page or follow her blog.

We will announce the winner of the giveaway on Friday on our facebook page. Stay tuned!

Find out more about the toy leash here. Visit the Josh & Teo ETSY shop here.

On a side note, please mark your calendars for this Saturday, September 24, which is National Seat Check Saturday. Find a child car seat inspection station near you here to make sure your child’s car seat is safely installed.

Happy and safe travels!

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I did lots of research and here’s what I learned.

Types of Car Seats:

Infant Carrier: a car seat that you can use until your kid is about 25lbs and can be strapped into most strollers. Depending on your baby and the infant carrier, these can last from 6 months to two years.
Convertible Car Seat: a car seat that can usually go from 5lbs to 60lbs and can switch from rear-facing to forward-facing.
Booster Seat: a car seat for kids from at about 30-40lbs and can use the regular seat belt. Currently, the laws on children is that they remain in a car seat until they are 4’9″.


1. You can totally just have one (convertible) car seat until your kid is 60lbs. You don’t NEED an infant carrier.

2. An infant carrier is helpful in that you can pop it onto a stroller if your infant is sleeping, but note after a few months, they get pretty heavy in there.

3. Most convertible car seats are an eyesore and they take up tons of room. I’m having a hard time getting over it, I won’t judge you if you are too.

4. They can one day save your baby’s life… This is helping me get over it (see #3).

5. Britax has by far the highest safety ratings. Maxi-Cosi has the best looking, but I couldn’t justify it.

6. Make sure you look around online for coupons and deals when you’re about to buy a car seat. Simply typing “britax coupon code” online can save you at least 20%.

7. Babies R Us is having a car seat trade where you bring in your old car seat and you can buy a new one for 25% off! They also regularly have coupons online, so make sure you search!

8. While your little person is rear facing, get a big mirror. It’s totally worth it. The more spastic the mirror, the better. They don’t like being back there by themselves.

9. Car seats are like rocket science to install. You can have your car seat installation inspected, by searching here. And also, most firestations and police departments will do it as well. Check with your local station to make sure.

10. Get a sun shade. It keeps your baby from getting so much sun and getting way too hot!

Also, did you know it was National Child Passenger Safetey Week!

Happy Motoring!


p.s. for anyone wondering, I looked at two babies r us stores to find the cow print Britax, but I couldn’t find it. So I went with a different kind of Britax, but we wanted the cow print one. If you can’t beat them, join them!


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