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Long before a sprouting acorn, before Gabriel, Lucas, Nico, Matt and Aidan… there was just Michelle and Andrea.

This picture was from ten years ago. Bermuda shorts, puca shell necklaces, denim overalls, bandanas, Destiny’s Child, Smashmouth (I die, RIP me), pink, yellow, brand new nokia cell phones, late nights driving around doing god knows what, and our senior year of high school. Some things change, some things don’t and our friendship has survived it all.

2011 has been great for both of us and 2012 is going to be even better! We hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve friends!

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New Year’s Eve for us was always about fireworks. We would take our afternoon naps and stay up late watching the spectacular show. This was, of course, not in California, rather, it was in the Philippines (where I grew up). I know fireworks are more of a Fourth of July event here, but I still like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. This was a project that I did as an alternative. It was still pretty fun and simple, and definitely easy enough to do with young kids.

A bonus? I didn’t buy anything! I just used supplies we already had at home and extra stuff left over from Christmas wrappings!

1. Cut circles from the cardboard to fit one end of your toilet paper rolls and cut a slit through the middle.

2. Thread a piece of ribbon or string (I used yarn) through a large button and through the slit of your cardboard. Tie it in a knot to secure the button.

3. Cut a square of the tissue paper and cut a small slit through the center of the square. String the ribbon or string through this hole.

4. Pull the pieces together and add glue all over the tissue square. Glue the toilet paper roll to the piece of tissue with the button on the inside of the tube.

5. Cut a rectangular piece of tissue, big enough to cover the toilet paper roll and more.

6. Glue the strip to the toilet paper roll by covering it with strips of glue and rolling it into place.

 7. Roll bits of tissue to create “confetti” balls. You can get really creative here. Add glitter, use a hole puncher and punch out bits of paper. Go wild, but remember that you’ll probably be cleaning up those bits of fun later.

8. Fill the tube with your “confetti,” the more the better. Once you’ve filled it to your heart’s content, twist the extra tissue off at the top.9. Try to stave off over-eager, curious babies.10. Tie it off with a piece of yarn (make sure you do this nice and tight). And hang it up.

When you’re ready, with the countdown to welcome 2012, pull on the yarn at the bottom and stand beneath it! They should give a fun POP and shower you with all the fun stuff you put in there!

I was obviously unsuccessful at step 9.

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Now that the whirlwind of the gift-giving season is over, you’re probably left with more toys than you know what to do with. (I know I definitely am!) So with the help of our children, we should probably go through all our toys and determine what we are holding on to, throwing away, and giving away.  The keepers can hide in cute toy bins like these!

1. BaffinBags Bin in Corn Yellow and White Slub Chevron ($18)

2. Gracie Toy Box. ($450)

3. 3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin in Orange Fox. ($40)

4. Ikea Apa. ($15)

5. Argington Fuji Toy Box. ($349)

6. Kirby Block Box. ($270)

7. DwellStudio Dots Bin in Chocolate ($90)

8. Oeuf Toy Store. ($498)

9. Maude Toy Box. ($425)

10. Noah Owl Toy Box. ($330)

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Photos courtesy of Martine. Food courtesy of Aidan.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

We had a really wonderful Christmas with only one little hiccup–Gabriel choked and turned red on a piece of apple. I had to yank him out of his high chair and do baby heimlich on him–scariest moment of my life. My dad, who was in the middle of arguing with me about Gabriel’s refined sugar consumption (zero to none), told me that if I was giving him ice cream instead of an apple, it wouldn’t have ever happened.

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Eat lots of food and spend lots of time hugging and loving your families.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this weekend!


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a way for santa


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Do you have a chimney? No? Are your kids concerned about how the heezy Santa is going to get into your house? We have a fireplace, but our chimney has been sealed. I’m concerned, I’m not going to lie. Santa never came to visit me as a child. I was told that he didn’t make it all the way to the Philippines. The three kings would make it though, in the first week of January. We would leave our shoes out with letters and they’d come in the middle of the night with their camels who ate the hay we set out for them.

Anyway, so, what the heck are we supposed to do? How is Santa supposed to come into our house and fill our stockings? What about a special magic key, just for Santa!

You can hang a key for Santa outside your door, but it has to be a special magic key that will only work for him (make sure not to use one that ACTUALLY works for your house, lest your little munchkins get some ideas about doing this on their own). Such an easy DIY! Leave Santa a letter, here are some ideas:

Dear Santa,
We don’t have a chimney and I was worried as could be
about how you’d bring presents to my family and me.
But now I’ve solved the problem
and I’m not sad anymore,
for hanging on this ribbon is a magic key to our front door!


This key is very special, you see
It won’t work for you or me.
Hang it outside your door.
Go to bed and worry no more.
Close your eyes. Shut them tight.
‘Cause Santa Clause is coming tonight!


Keep that face smiling. That’s really the only goal.


Also, check out this site. In case your kids need more proof.

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a box of stuff


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We’re thinking of what to get Gabriel for Christmas. We get him all sorts of really beautiful toys, things that we don’t mind having around our home. But here’s the truth, Gabriel is TOTALLY happy to ignore the awesome vintage-y looking race car to play with some “boxes of stuff.”

Sit him in front of a plain tupperware box with his nasal aspirator, toilet paper rolls, and random plastic baby food containers ANY day and the boy will literally play by himself for half an hour. He will take things out, put them back into the box, he might give it a little taste (which he did with a lemon that was in there–that was fun) and basically just explore the items.
We call these magical toys “boxes of stuff.” So, for Gabriel’s first Christmas, he will be getting a stocking full of stuff for his many “boxes of stuff.”

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Today’s tuesday etsy spotlight is HelloClementine, a sweet little store based in London! I know we’re all in the throws of Christmas chaos, but maybe you can take a few moments to do some Christmas crafts with your kiddos!

These printables are $5 each and they include directions, supply lists, design ideas and patterns! And when you’re done, you can have little angels adorning your home, made by your little elves.

Some other stuff she has are printable tags (see left) for your presents and even printable Christmas-related artwork. I love printables!

And now, back to my regularly-scheduled program… wrapping, wrapping, wrapping.


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This gift guide was the funnest of them all for me to do! Making my own wishlist and listing the things I already love so much–so fun!

1. Miette Cookbook. $15. I’ve got this. I love it. It is beautiful and yummy.

2. Domino Magazine book. $20. I still can’t talk about the fact that Domino magazine is no longer in existence.

3. Alexander Girard Love pillow. $195. Blah, one day I’ll feel fine about dropping two benjamins on a throw pillow. Today is not that day, but I still drool over it.

4. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment. $40. I love this stuff. My hair never thanked me enough.

5. Essie nailpolish in Mademoiselle. $8. This is essie’s classic. I think it looks great on everyone. It is my go-to. They sell Essie at Target now. I come home with a new color every time I go.

6. Korres Lip Butter Duo. $15. These are like yummy butter on your lips. It’s a luxury.

7. Swing necklace. $80. How sweet, carefree and cute is that? Love!

8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Key Pouch. $98. I want this for when I take long walks with my babies (Gabriel and Chloe) and I just need a place to put some cash and my keys.

9. Thankful Pencils. $7. Because really, I’m sure you’re thankful for the ladies in your life, and I’m sure sometimes you’d like to remind them.

10. Case Study Ceramic Planter. $150. I love this planter. I’m not even sure I’d care if there was a plant in it.

11. Public Bike D8. $1000. I’m convinced that if I had a beautiful, stylish little city bike like this, I’d ride around in it all the time in dresses to go to the farmer’s market. Nevermind that I’m extremely clumsy (currently, I have BOTH knees skinned, toe bruised and debatably broken, miscellaneous bruises all over my legs and bite marks on my face, but that doesn’t count because they were inflicted by a teething little baby).


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Princesses and superheroes these are not, but I think any 3 or 4 year old would still enjoy many hours of valuable play time with any of these toys. And in my book, great play value equals great gift.

1. Dwell Studio Farm Stamp Set. $24. Art and animals in a cute wooden box. What more can you ask for?

2. Plan Toys Large Scale Kitchen. $200 and up (each). My parents are getting my boys the Plan Toys kitchen set for christmas. It was the cutest non-pink kitchen set I could find. I think it’s perfectly healthy to encourage boys to pretend they’re working in the kitchen. Maybe mine will grow up to be world renowned chefs one day.

3. Fishing playset. $35. Pretend fishing. You really can’t go wrong with a gift that allows the child to use their imagination.

4. Crochet Camera. $42. A cute crochet version of the Diana Lomo F+. Who could resist?

5. Svan Wooden Toddler Scooter Tricycle. $107. Ride-ons are usually parked somewhere visible (kind of like a piece of furniture), so it helps when they are well-designed, like this one. We have a few ride-ons already, but I wouldn’t cringe if someone gave my kids another one (especially if it looked like this), because when we have play dates, each child grabs a ride-on and my house turns into a freeway. It looks so fun.

6. Handmade Felt Alphabet. $38. These are soft and squishy. And its handmade quality makes it more endearing.

7. Skip Hop Zoo Pack. $20. Kids can carry around their new Christmas toys in style, where ever they go.

8. Pengoloo. $25. An adorable all-wood memory game incorporating penguins and their eggs. We have this, and we love it.

9. Tegu Magnetic Blocks. $32. Beautifully crafted wooden blocks in a cute felt travel case. Oh yah, and they’re fun, too.



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