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I’ve been lazy about blogging. I’ve been spending the evenings watching movies instead. Lately we saw Wanderlust and 21 Jump Street, both got me laughing out loud in a really dorky way. We also went to see Brave, which isn’t my favorite Disney Pixar movie, but it was fun to go out to the movies, eat popcorn and enjoy a warm summer night, while my sister babysat.

This week, our friends and their son are coming from San Francisco to stay with us. We, obviously, will have a difficult time watching fireworks since we’ve got little kids who are too young to appreciate pyrotechnics. So we decided that we would have a picnic with the kiddos instead. And the beauty of a summer picnic is that food and dessert can be super simple and still be so, so yummy.

I plan to make these with Gabriel’s help (he’s interested in “helping” these days). I love the idea of making two bite watermelon stars just with a cookie cutter!

And maybe even these without his help with the same cookie cutter. I love rice crispy treats and I make them the classic way, straight from the back of the box.

Also, remember Michelle’s post last year on the Fourth of July? Also this crafty little popper that you can totally make for the Fourth too!

I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures so I can at least share those.

In the meantime, I can share this little snapshot of our summer so far. Very trashy, blow up pool in a ghetto back yard, but my babies don’t seem to mind too much.

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a baby monitor app


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It’s true, there’s an app for almost anything.

Once upon a time, when Gabriel was 2 months old, we took a trip to San Francisco to visit Aidan’s parents and attend his friend’s wedding. We stayed at his mom’s house and I forgot the one and only thing that you should never forget when staying in a big house–the baby monitor. It wasn’t so awesome. .

Little baby Gabriel was asleep and we put him in a bassinet in the living room while we watched TV in the den. I eventually told Aidan I was going to go to bed in the downstairs apartment and forgot to tell him to bring the baby down when he was going to bed (why I didn’t take him with me is beyond me). Of course, he didn’t take him because he didn’t know to.

5am rolls around and I realized he didn’t wake up to nurse, which at that age he did about 3 times by 5am. I woke Aidan up and said, “where’s booboo?” (that’s what we call Gabriel).

“What do you mean ‘where’s booboo?’” he responded.

My legs FLEW up those stairs and found my little 10 week old son asleep in the big dark living room–he probably cried and cried until he just fell asleep. It still makes me sad to think about it.

What I didn’t realize was, duh, I should’ve searched for an app. So the next time we went to San Francisco, I searched for an app and found DOZENS! The one we owned didn’t work well at all, so I returned it and stuck with the app instead and I’ve never looked back.

I get kudos on the app all the time because it works so well. You leave your phone with your sleeping babe and you basically set it up to call another phone when your little one cries for a certain amount of time (you decide how long).

Like I said, there are a ton, but this one is the one I use. You can even record your own voice or play a song from your music library if your baby wakes up and hearing your voice or a song can soothe him or her back to sleep.

Also kind of neat? The app records them so you can hear what they do and say and even save that! Gabriel sometimes wakes up and says, “aha” his name for Chloe, which makes me think that he’s dreaming about her. So cute.

This app is perfect for traveling since it takes up NO space and costs a grand total of $2.99. Pretty good deal, right?

There are video monitor ones too, but I can’t do that because I’d spend the entire night staring at his little face. Because really? Why wouldn’t I?

also, other travel tips and one more here.

PS. Sorry for the lull last week, my big sister was in town from the Philippines and I was preoccupied laughing and enjoying her company. She’s back home now and I’m totally depressed about it.


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I’m a little in love with little boy euro shorts. I bought these for Gabriel last year and he still wears them, but I totally get that they’re not for everyone.

Here are a few options for boys.

1. Polarn O. Pyret. I really love this store. They have such cute stuff.

2. Zara. I’m tempted to buy these euro shorts for Gabriel this year.

3. Mini Rodini. This store also has this amazing pair that I think kill my husband if I made his son wear.

4. Odile. Just kinda cute and boyish.

5. JCrew. You can always count on JCrew for simple stylish stuff!

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Is it weird that I’m not really into bikinis for little girls? I’m sure there are cute ones out there, but I guess I just like kids to look like kids for as long as possible before they are teenagers and adults and there’s no turning back.

1. Elle. Crazy expensive for a kid’s bathing suit, but it’s cute, right?

2. Gap. With monarch butterflies? Love!!

3. Polarn O. Pyret. Classic red stripes.

4. Zara. Subdued gray polka dots. This is probably what I’d put my little girl in.

5. Crewcuts. I love the rope belt detail!

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I wanted to share with you what Gabriel and I made for Aidan for Father’s day. I would’ve posted it earlier to share it as an idea as a gift for father’s day, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for Aidan.

I actually got this idea from Michelle because she made one for Matt. It’s really sweet and simple and in this digital age, you never quite know what to do with all those digital pictures and videos. I made it on iMovie which is totally user-friendly.

Click here to see our little present!

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Oh oh oh, this week. Aidan and I are going a bit stir crazy, but we’re trying to enjoy this time by doing a few things like going to hike at Griffith Park and hanging on the lawn at LACMA.

That “scrape” I got (I put it in quotes because I have been trying to convince Aidan that it’s not just a scrape, that it hurts far too much to just be a scrape) was from hiking at Griffith Park. I bent down to pick up a flower while Gabriel was in his baby carrier and rolled my ankle and fell. I’m a wimp when it comes to blood (that’s why Gabriel’s accident was extra hard) and I almost fainted when I saw it–true story, I had to sit and breathe for a long time to let it pass. Aidan has since been tending to my “scrape” and trying not to laugh when I treat it like a gunshot wound.

I hope you all have a wonderful Father’s day weekend. We’re spending Saturday at my dad’s house swimming and Sunday, we’re not sure yet, but I’m sure it will be awesome. Let’s celebrate dads!

ps. Another favorite from this week? Gabriel is saying his name… although it’s more like “gay-b-yoh” which is totally close enough.


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I love waffles. We all do. We sometimes get the frozen kind, just to have in the freezer, until it dawned on us–why can’t we make our own waffles and freeze them ourselves thus avoiding all the weird additives that are in store bought waffles. Done and done.

But something we do a little differently, we use  Pamela’s gluten free pancake mix. I swear to you, this stuff is good and you won’t notice that it doesn’t have wheat and you’ll feel better for it–swear. It is quickly becoming a staple here at chez Hawken. If you aren’t down for it, here’s a basic waffle recipe that you can totally freeze and use later too! I’d recommend doing double the batch (whichever way you chose to do it) so that you have a good little supply of waffles!

We also do things a smidge differently from their recipe.

1. We use melted butter instead of oil.
2. Sometimes I use milk instead of water (we rarely have milk, but we did this time, so I used it).
3. I also add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the batter.
4. Lastly I separate the egg whites and whip them until they’re stiff, and gently fold them into the batter making the waffles nice and fluffy.

I grease the waffle griddle with melted butter. I’m also over conservative when I pour the batter onto the griddle, mostly because I hate cleaning up batter when it spills over the sides. As a result, I often have some incomplete waffle squares.

Once they’re all done, throw them into a freezer safe container (a ziplock bag totally works) and throw them into your freezer and they’ll be good when you’re ready for them.

When you’re ready to eat them, just heat them up in the oven or in a toaster, top with some almond butter for extra protein and bananas. Or maple syrup and butter. Or ham and eggs. Or whatever your heart desires. They’ll be amazing, swearsies!

Remember my other idea for easy breakfasts for toddlers? I’m thinking of trying that recipe out with Pamela’s pancake mix!

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Father’s day is this Sunday! What are you all planning to do?

1. Swiss Army Knife. My dad got me one of these a while ago (my dad wished I was a boy, still does) and they’re incredibly useful and classic.

2. Solar Powered Radio. For when dad’s working or relaxing outside.

3. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener. It’s just so stylish. Why not?

4. Thermos. I’ve been obsessed with thermoses lately. I think they’re so cute, and so Fred Flintstone-y.

5. Wall Clock. Aidan’s been eyeing this for a while. I love it too.

6. Coffee Mill. For the coffee loving dad who can’t talk before he’s had his coffee.

7. Darth Vader and Son Book. Have you seen this book? It’s AMAZING.

8. Craftsman Toolbox. These have a lifetime guarantee. What dad doesn’t enjoy organizing his tools?

9. Canon Rebel Digital SLR Camera. Pretend it’s for dad, but we really know, it really is for you.


or the old standby, a card, a drawing, and a photograph in a frame is always pretty awesome.


More gift guides for guys here.

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I’m trying to put aside my hatred jealousy for you mommies that can still wear a two piece. I probably can, but I don’t really feel confident enough for it. Oh babies, it’s a good thing they’re cute! These are some that I thought were pretty cute and mommy friendly.

1. Old Navy.

2. Nanette Lepore.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs.

4. Miramar.

5. Topshop.

More bathing suit roundups here and here….and one of my first posts last year, swimwear for boys.

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