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I was obsessed when doing our baby registry. I remember being 6 months pregnant and having a meltdown when I was looking up baby stuff and saw all the different kinds of wipes: baby, sanitary, nipple, pacifier, SERIOUSLY??? I researched, read and inquired like a mad woman. I wanted all the best, cutest stuff for our little sprout. We were really lucky in that our friends and family were pretty good about staying in our registry, so we got pretty much everything we wanted/needed. Of course, not everything we got was as useful as we thought it would be, but here are some helpful hints along with a list of things we love!

Some tips:

1. Don’t register for clothes. Kids grow out of stuff incredibly quickly, that insanely cute onesie that you registered for that cost your friend $20 is useless to you after two months. Also, if you’re lucky like me, people will give you their hand-me-downs. Oh and another thing, people can’t help themselves with baby clothes, you’ll get them whether or not you register (and if you hate what they get you, you can always exchange it).

2. Register for a good range of stuff, super big expensive and also inexpensive things. Some people also like to give multiple gifts, so you might get ten little gifts from one person.  And most places offer a “closeout discount” for your registry and you’ll be able to buy that big expensive crib at a discount (if someone hasn’t already picked it up for you)!

3. Get stuff that are more likely going to be useful for a long time and maybe less baby-specific. Like a blender or a vacuum cleaner!

4. Register somewhere online that will let you pull from everywhere and also a brick and mortar store easily accessible to everyone. I recommend registering at Amazon and at Target and maybe if you want to be fancy, a baby boutique.

5. You can use sites like wishpot which will let you have people contribute to a bigger gift!

And here is what I would register for if I had it all to do over:

My must haves (which of course will be different for others, especially those who don’t live in Los Angeles).

1. Stroller. We have the Uppababy Vista. I love this stroller, except that it is quite large, but I hear they’ve come out with a smaller sleeker version called the Cruz. Bonus: it turns into a double INLINE stroller with a simple attachment, in case one kid wasn’t enough of a challenge for you.

2. Carseat. We have the Maxi-Cosi Mico. I’d recommend it in a light color. We have it in black. It gets hot. My baby gets cranky.

3. Baby carrier. We have an Ergo. I love it and so does my husband. You should also get the infant insert if you plan on using it before your baby is 4 months old. We also used a sling when he was a newborn which he loved.

4. Miracle Blanket. Not to be confused with any other swaddle. Gabriel did not enjoy being swaddled, but once he was wrapped up tight, he would calm right down. This lived up to its name.

5. Swaddle Blankets. I love these and use them for everything but swaddling.

6. A glider or rocker. It’s a long shot, but it’s worth adding to your wishlist!

7. Crib. This is a totally personal choice. Some people prefer not to use a crib, but we love our crib. I also love this crib.

8. Changing station. We went with the one that matches our crib instead of a dresser with a changing station on top of it and use an ikea antonius tower for all his clothes and changing supplies. And a changing pad that will turn any purse into a diaper bag!

9. A good, firm, organic crib mattress. You can learn more about the importance of organic mattresses here. 2-3 sets of sheets for the crib. A stroller blanket.

10. A camera. We already had a dslr, but my sister also got me this one that goes in my purse and captures quick moments and video.

11. Baby monitor. Or if you’re obsessed with checking if your baby is breathing like me, you might want a video monitor.

12. If you choose to breastfeed. Breast pump. I love this one. Freezer bags for breastmilk. If you plan on going back to work shortly after or if you just want to build a good supply. Nursing pillow. Extra bottles.

13. High Chair. We love our high chair, but there are lots of really great ones out there, like this one. But if you don’t want/have space for a high chair, you can always get a bumbo with a tray and use it as a booster seat.

14. Feeding supplies. People never think to add these because it seems so far away, but it’s really not! I really like this line of baby feeding accessories. I also love these self feeders from Munchkin.

15. If you decide to make your own baby food. Freezer trays. A blender (if you don’t have one) or a baby food maker.

16. Diaper pail. I think all trash cans should have this genius trash bag mechanism.

17. Bathing an infant. Bathing a baby who can sit up. Gabriel actually takes most his baths with Aidan, so he doesn’t use his bath that often. We use a washcloth, a hooded towel and gentle lavender baby soap.

18. Some toys. Like a teether. Bath toys. A baby gym. An activity center. A bouncer seat.

19. Books for kids. We love Fox in Socks. Pat the Bunny. Goodnight Moon.

20. Books for you. Super Baby Food. Happiest Baby on the Block. What to Expect the First Year. A Baby Book.

21. Baby safety.  Baby grooming and healthcare.

22. Gift cards to your favorite baby store.

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Phew! I think that’s it. Remember, all of these things were personal things that worked for us or that we loved. It won’t always work for every baby and every parent.

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