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It’s been a little slow on a sprouting acorn… it’s what happens when life gets in the way of blogging.

But, I was thinking I’ve been so bored with my hair lately. I basically just wash it (shamefully infrequently), on a good day, I’ll blowdry it. The first day, i’ll wear it down. The second day I might wear it down for half the day, then pull it back in a ponytail, the third day, I might put some aquage sea salt spray in it and call it “bed head” (when really it should be called “stink head”) then well, the next few days, while I postpone washing it, I might wear it in a bun and on the most desperate of stinky days, I’ll probably just wear a beanie and hide from society.

That night is typically the night where I lose sleep scratching my nappy head. Inevitably, I wake up the next morning and tell Aidan, “honey, I have to scrub my head,” because at that point, it isn’t about washing my hair anymore, it is literally, just scrubbing my head.

How’s all that for a dose of disgusting truth?! Anyway, I think it is pretty healthy for your hair to not wash it every day. I used to wash it daily, then little by little, I stretched out each wash and I think my hair is healthier for it (although my relationship with society might not be). But on day 5, I’d really like to change things up, and not wear it in such a predictable bun or hide it under a beanie.

I found a few hair tutorials on Cup of Jo and thought I’d share some of my favorite ones here. See her complete post on hair tutorials here.

above images via Cup of Jo, below image not… duh!


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