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Have you ever wondered what is better for the environment? A real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree? I mean, the seemingly obvious choice is the artificial one, since you don’t actually chop down any trees and you can use it over and over again, but what I learned is that artificial trees are actually made of PVC which is actually not something that recycles at all.

Christmas tree farms are sustainable businesses on the other hand! The real tree you keep in your living room this Christmas has already been replaced by another seedling that will turn into a tree for another family years from now, and in the meantime, they will live their life converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and making homes for creepy little spiders (we found more than one yesterday in our tree…that was fun). And they smell SOOOO good!

The two most desirable tree varieties are the Fraser Fir and the Noble (we thought we were getting a Noble, but discovered that we actually have a Douglas Fir, major shedding of needles, but we love him anyway).

Here is a great source on how to pick your tree and how to take care of it.


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