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Have you seen these images before? These are photographs taken by Artist Jill Greenberg. She sought to capture the raw emotions of children by taking these photographs immediately after taking away a lollipop from them. Find more images and read her own words here.

Many people have found this project quite controversial, that it is cruel to put your baby through this anguish. I have to say that I find it quite beautiful. Knowing that Gabriel can go from ecstatic to devastated in 3.5 seconds also makes me feel less concerned that these moments caused any real psychological or emotional damage. What do you think about them?

I also wanted to share my own little man’s crying freak out photo of the week. This meltdown happened because I had to take Chloe for a quick little walk. He watched me leave and sat and wept for me. Me?! I’m the luckiest lady alive to be able to get tears like that from someone so cute.

Photography by Jill Greenberg. | Photo of Gabriel by my sister, Martine Cajucom.

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