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We found this gem of a place in Santa Monica, on Main Street, Books and Cookies! Think about a place that is devoted to children’s books! The place is covered with books for all ages and interests! They have the classics and the contemporary, they have it all!




While I was there they were conducting a cooking class for kids and families. It looked really fun!


They had a small store with food available for parents and their kids! While we were there, they were even baking cookies that has left me craving gingerbread ever since.


They had a whole plethora of amenities to make reading exciting for children, including puppets, reading nooks everywhere, hammocks and my favorite, a teepee!

Gabriel was actually more interested in the toys and the snacks (and the flirting with the older ladies–his new favorite thing).

Nevertheless, the fun little place is like a traditional library on steroids, in the best possible way. It’s free to come and use and they do a fantastic job at fostering reading! I loved it there.

Books and Cookies
2230 Main Street,
Santa Monica, CA

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