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These images are NOT from the accident. It was far too gory and horrifying to take photos of.

I talked last week about a horror story that I’d share, so here it is. We had our first accident. It was a big one. Gabriel bit a hole through his tongue. This is a true story and I’ve had a lot of “worst days of my life” days, but this one was by far, the winner. Here’s how it went:

Aidan, Gabriel and I were spending the night my dad’s house to keep him company after his knee surgery. Things were going well, Gabriel was playing around and walking and exploring and Aidan and I were just hanging out on the couch. Gabriel started to cruise around the coffee table–harmless–I was a foot away. Then, he slipped, not sure how, probably because he had a moment of clumsiness thanks to my genes. He hit his chin on the coffee table and I heard the loud smack. I knew it was going to be a horrible one so I swept him up and hugged him. He was WAILING, but I didn’t know what had happened yet.

I brought him into the kitchen to try to get some ice, and that’s when I saw it… ALL THE BLOOD. Insane amounts of blood (he also had a mouth full of saliva so the blood mixed with the saliva made the blood seem way more than it probably was) were all over his face and my shoulder and shirt. I was trying to figure out the freezer ice machine so Aidan took him. Aidan later told me that he had to “unskewer” his tongue from his teeth. (Remembering that still makes my knees weak).

I’m pretty sure I screamed something about frozen yogurt pops and I’m also pretty certain I yelled at the freezer for only giving me crushed ice and not cubed ice. We called Aidan’s sister who is a nurse, and she told us a few things to look out for: a pink tongue which ensures blood is still circulating and also to make sure that the bleeding eventually  stops… She said the medicine would be popsicles. Perfect. Easy.

Aidan ran out the door like his feet were on fire and brought back some popsicles. He told me that he wanted to scream “don’t you know what’s going on?” at everyone on the road. (The only time I’ve  ever felt like road rage was sweet)

Popsicles and Sponge Bob Square Pants were the perfect cure. He calmed right down, at least until it was time to eat and the wound opened back up and we were back to square one.

It was the single most horrifying, terrifying, heartbreaking moment of my life… and there was nothing I could do other than just hold him and try to keep him calm. It was terrible and there was no baby proofing that I could’ve done to prevent it. I’m incredibly squeemish about blood and open wounds, and everyone told me that once he got hurt I’d get over it—not true–the blood and the wound made me want to faint and puke simultaneously. The difference was, I love him SO much and to see him in so much pain was so awful that I knew I wasn’t allowed to faint, I knew I just had to hold my little munchkin and shake away any nausea or dizziness…for him.

I hope this never happens to anyone ever. But in case you ever find yourself in a situation similar… there’s no need to go to the ER unless they’ve bitten their tongue OFF (yeah, that happens too). Sponge Bob Square Pants + popsicles + tylenol + snuggles are the cure.

If only we could solve all problems that way.

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