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New Year’s Eve for us was always about fireworks. We would take our afternoon naps and stay up late watching the spectacular show. This was, of course, not in California, rather, it was in the Philippines (where I grew up). I know fireworks are more of a Fourth of July event here, but I still like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. This was a project that I did as an alternative. It was still pretty fun and simple, and definitely easy enough to do with young kids.

A bonus? I didn’t buy anything! I just used supplies we already had at home and extra stuff left over from Christmas wrappings!

1. Cut circles from the cardboard to fit one end of your toilet paper rolls and cut a slit through the middle.

2. Thread a piece of ribbon or string (I used yarn) through a large button and through the slit of your cardboard. Tie it in a knot to secure the button.

3. Cut a square of the tissue paper and cut a small slit through the center of the square. String the ribbon or string through this hole.

4. Pull the pieces together and add glue all over the tissue square. Glue the toilet paper roll to the piece of tissue with the button on the inside of the tube.

5. Cut a rectangular piece of tissue, big enough to cover the toilet paper roll and more.

6. Glue the strip to the toilet paper roll by covering it with strips of glue and rolling it into place.

 7. Roll bits of tissue to create “confetti” balls. You can get really creative here. Add glitter, use a hole puncher and punch out bits of paper. Go wild, but remember that you’ll probably be cleaning up those bits of fun later.

8. Fill the tube with your “confetti,” the more the better. Once you’ve filled it to your heart’s content, twist the extra tissue off at the top.9. Try to stave off over-eager, curious babies.10. Tie it off with a piece of yarn (make sure you do this nice and tight). And hang it up.

When you’re ready, with the countdown to welcome 2012, pull on the yarn at the bottom and stand beneath it! They should give a fun POP and shower you with all the fun stuff you put in there!

I was obviously unsuccessful at step 9.

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