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Friends, I’d like to let you all know… I am pregnant… I’m also kidding. I do have a handful of friends who are pregnant (and some who are trying to get pregnant) and it made me think about pregnancy announcements.

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Aren’t these announcements so sweet?

Image via my iPhone via Steve Jobs. :(

This was my announcement for my friends. I just posted it on Facebook and watched all the notifications roll in. (I also have to defend my husband, he really does know how to spell, he was just texting me quickly and didn’t realize that I’d be taking a screenshot of this and using it and even adding it in Gabriel’s baby book).

I had intense cravings for protein. I ate a lot of black beans and rice, so Aidan made a bunch of simple burritos for me to keep at work. I also had crazy cravings for sardines.

How did you share your news? What did you crave? Tell us about it!

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