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Are you mom enough?

This has obviously been making the rounds. I posted this on a mommy group that I belong to and gave my two cents, which are:

1. Who cares if this woman chooses to nurse her child beyond the age that society deems as socially acceptable?

2. Shame on you TIME magazine, for pitting moms against each other by asking, “are you mom enough” and also by using an obviously provocative (in the sense that it is intending to provoke, not that it’s sexual) image during a time when women who choose to breastfeed are trying to find an avenue to make it more socially acceptable. Totes lame.

Some of the mommies in this mommy group shared some opinions about it, on both sides, (sort of). I’m toootally exploiting them, but I thought their opinions were interesting and observations quite astute!

I think it causes a big stink because people express opinions on breast feeding and then pressure women to do it to and to do it their way, like when a famous woman said that not breastfeeding should be illegal. It is just one more thing that society pressures women about. Society loves to argue about personal opinions! We should be loving and supportive of one another, always!

What it boils down to is that all it did was push moms further away from each other. A breast feeding mom is not any better than a bottle feeding mom. It’s hard enough as it is to raise kids in this crappy world, why add more fuel to the fire? Why not help make raising kids easier by not judging each other.

I think they’re making a big stink because 1. he’s 3 and 2. she nurses in public. I nursed both my children, in private, and don’t understand why this 3 year old boy is still being nursed and don’t want to see it either. I think it’s a personal choice and needs to stay private.

Alright, yes, clearly this woman has taken breast feeding to the extreme — it’s pretty obvious that her decision to continue has more to do with her than it does her kid. But who among us doesn’t sometimes have a hard time letting go of these small comforts, rituals, bonding exercises..? I know I do — my daughter is two and a half and I can’t bring myself to take away her binky, even though she clearly stopped needing it a long time ago. I think when people start using language like “that’s disgusting” or “I don’t want to see that in public” it creates a culture of shame for mothers,and never in a million years will you catch me participating in that. To each their own, forever and ever, amen :)

As a mother of 3 (I’m currently breastfeeding 1) I say that if people can bottle feed in public we can breastfeed in public. I personally do it in private or with my cover on, but there have been times when I forget my cover and if my baby gets hungry I feed her without it. Breasts were made for breastfeeding it’s too bad that our culture has sexualized them and taken the focus away from their intended purpose.

I nurse my three year old and its ALL about him. MANY moms do not choose to nurse because they want to. I tried to wean twice when I was pregnant with #2. I was so sick of my sore breasts, his constant wanting, groping, etc. right now he still ‘needs’ me to nurse him.

its not extreme. its normal. its a choice.

and another mom, responded with this article, which I loved!

Happy Mother’s Day yesterday!! And apologies for the ten day hiatus!! We’re back!

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