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We’ve been making preparations for Thanksgiving all day today. It’s not easy to do with a kid (at one point today, I had him on my back in the ergo, while I vacuumed and made beds, that was a workout).

I started to think of what I might do to keep him busy as he gets a little older. I found a few simple turkey related crafts for older kids to do to stay busy while mommies and daddies clean and cook. These crafts are easy enough to do during an afternoon and if your kids are especially motivated, you can even use any one of these crafts to make name cards for your dinner table!

The materials you’ll need for any of these will be easy to find in your own home, especially if you’ve got little ones.

Paper,  markers, pens, finger paints, glue, scissors, toilet paper rolls, construction paper, brown paper bags… Simple and sweet!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Aidan started brining our turkey a couple of days ago. I.can’t.wait.to.eat.that.bird.



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