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Would you ever let your 4 month old baby get his face licked by a wolf? I did. I totally did. I gave my baby to the wolves. Aidan’s brother Palo is involved in an organization called Wolf Connection, which, in a nutshell, seeks to rescue wolves or partial wolves that were domesticated and later abandoned for various reasons and also educate young people about these creatures.

Aidan and I went on a hike with them years ago, but I wanted to take Gabriel to meet them too. They’re such beautiful creatures, majestic, incredibly intelligent and sensitive. They’re unlike regular dogs. They move differently and have different social cues amongst themselves.

The organization, located just outside of Los Angeles, goes on monthly hikes with the wolves. When we went years ago, we got to take the wolves on leashes and hike with them, but today they have handlers who take the leashes, and you just walk alongside them.

I highly encourage you to go and take your little ones with you. It might seem scary, but it is life altering. After you hike with them (it’s an easy hike) they retreat back to their dens and the MOST special thing happens… if you’re lucky… they howl. They all howl together and sing harmoniously.

I’d like to go on the hike in May, so that it won’t be too hot! If you’d like more information about Wolf Connection, or if you’d like to join them on the hike, check them out here.


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