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Summer is amazing for fruits and produce, especially if you live in California! The farmer’s markets are bursting with stone fruits and berries, even if it’s at the end of the season! The end of the season is actually giving me anxiety because I know winter is just around the corner and we will enter the land of apples and squashes, so I’ve been buying lots of fruits, pureeing and freezing it!

I really want to be able to use these fruits later in the winter, especially for my little man who will be able to enjoy them! Right now it’s really hot, so turning the oven on for hours at a time is just the worst idea ever. Why do I need to use the oven for hours at a time? To make fruit leather of course!You can make fruit leather in a dehydrator if you’ve got one, but if not, you’ll need to use an oven for about 8-10 hours. Here’s a recipe.

I added some banana to my plum puree (see right) because plums are so tart, bananas just neutralize it and make it so yummy!


So, later on in the winter, I hope to be making some fruit leather, but until then, I’ll just be freezing my ingredients in mason jars, which are freezer safe!

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