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Didja get all that? Yeah, I got fancy.
We make watermelon juice whenever we can. Watermelon is a nutritional powerhouse, or so it says on this website. But also, watermelon is low in sugar and is one of the MOST alkaline foods out there! You want your body to be more alkaline than acidic and well, since most of us drink coffee (it has unfortunately become a matter of survival), we should be sure to also eat alkaline foods to even out all that acid and just keep our body alkaline in general. Read more about alkaline vs acidic foods here.
But more importantly, its super yummy, easy to make, and refreshing!
So to make watermelon juice:
1. Pick a good watermelon.
2. Split it in half.
3. Scoop out all the innards (it’s definitely better to use a seedless watermelon, but I throw in the seeds anyway because our blender is cool like that).
4. Squeeze a whole lime in there. We use 1 lime per half of a watermelon, but it’s really up to you. You can also add mint here, but Aidan doesn’t like mint, so we don’t usually use it.
5. Blend it all up.
6. Enjoy it!
7. Store the other half face down on a plate in the fridge. It saves you from that disgusting film and you don’t have to use ill fitting saran wrap. Store the rest of the juice in the fridge too!

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