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Father’s day is this Sunday! What are you all planning to do?

1. Swiss Army Knife. My dad got me one of these a while ago (my dad wished I was a boy, still does) and they’re incredibly useful and classic.

2. Solar Powered Radio. For when dad’s working or relaxing outside.

3. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener. It’s just so stylish. Why not?

4. Thermos. I’ve been obsessed with thermoses lately. I think they’re so cute, and so Fred Flintstone-y.

5. Wall Clock. Aidan’s been eyeing this for a while. I love it too.

6. Coffee Mill. For the coffee loving dad who can’t talk before he’s had his coffee.

7. Darth Vader and Son Book. Have you seen this book? It’s AMAZING.

8. Craftsman Toolbox. These have a lifetime guarantee. What dad doesn’t enjoy organizing his tools?

9. Canon Rebel Digital SLR Camera. Pretend it’s for dad, but we really know, it really is for you.


or the old standby, a card, a drawing, and a photograph in a frame is always pretty awesome.


More gift guides for guys here.

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