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I have a really beautiful baby book. My mom and older sister made sure to keep copious notes on everything about my life. There are locks of hair, handwritten notes, lists of gifts given to me, photographs, pictures I drew, report cards, and even my medical bracelet from the hospital! I always loved looking in it and reading all the things I did and said and these days I’m able to look in it and compare with my own baby’s development!

I wanted to make sure that Gabriel had a baby book of his own to look at one day. I searched high and low for a cute modern baby book. One that I could customize and add and remove pages as I pleased without compromising the integrity of the book.

I found the most perfect baby book for my needs. It is personal, handmade, beautiful and modern. Each page is like a small piece of artwork. And the best thing about it is that it is put together in a 3-ring album making it more customizable than most other baby books out there!Modern Baby Books is the company where you can find these little gems. They are made by a graphic designer named Kobie who was inspired by her seamstress grandmother. Her baby books come in two different sizes to choose from, four different page themes, several different additional items to add to your book and dozens of different album covers.

It is quite apparent that each book is put together with extra love. I love Gabriel’s baby book and I put a lot of love into each page that I write in it. It is quite honestly, a piece of art.

Here’s the best news: Kobie has offered to give $5 off any of her books to our readers when you “like” her facebook page here and put in the code aSproutingAcorn on her website Modern Baby Books. She doesn’t regularly do blog discounts, so this is special for us!


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