a glittery easter


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I can’t remember the last time I crafted with glitter, so you can imagine how extremely excited I was to do this project. Glitter glitter glitter! I love glitter!

To get started, this is what you’ll need:

Step 1. Hard boil your eggs. Andrea offers some good hard boiling techniques here.

Step 2. Prepare your egg dye. In a cup or bowl deep enough to submerge an egg in completely, mix together 1 cup of hot water, 1 tsp of vinegar, and 20 drops of food coloring (add more to achieve darker colors). Andrea used kool-aid instead of food coloring to make dip-dyed eggs, which totally works, and her fingers and work space probably smelled a lot better than mine did afterwards!

Step 3. Submerge your eggs for about 10 minutes to achieve a dark, highly pigmented color, which works best for glittered eggs.

Step 4. Let eggs dry on a drying rack. You can make one like Martha Stewart’s foam board and pins version, but making it can be quite time-consuming. Instead I opted for the underside of my egg carton, which worked perfectly fine for me.

Step 5. Once dry, take a brush and lightly coat a thin layer of craft glue onto half of the egg, then cover with glitter (I matched my glitter to the egg dye).  Let dry on the drying rack, glitter-side up, then once dry repeat for the other half.

… and voilà! A pretty sparkly glamourous smile-producing egg.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, friends! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your little ones in their cute little Easter outfits!

And lots of birthday love going to my little Lucas, who turns 2 tomorrow! xoxo


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I dyed our Easter eggs with Kool-Aid and ended up with red fingers as a result. I’m a little disturbed at how you can use kool aid to dye things. I know people use it to dye hair, dye clothes, and also, Easter eggs!

Here’s what I did.

1. Hard boil the eggs. If you’re wondering how to hard boil the perfect egg so that the yolk is creamy, we follow the method from the Bouchon cookbook by Thomas Keller. The basic steps are, place all the eggs in a pot in a single layer. Add water into the pot, with the water level at about 2 inches above the eggs. As soon as the water comes to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer for 1 minute. Then turn the fire off and let the eggs stand in the water for 10 minutes. Immediately after, pop the eggs in an egg bath and they’ll be perfect! Another helpful hint, which we’re not sure actually works or not.. is add a drop of oil to the water, supposedly it helps with pealing the egg. The sure fire way to make sure the peal comes off easily is to use old eggs. Yeah. I know, but it’s true.

2. Prepare the kool aid solution. Pour the entire packet of kool aid into cups and fill the cup with hot water. I recommend adding a little orange to the yellow, since the lemonade color is really light.

3. Dip the egg into the cup. Use the yellow/lemonade color first, so that you use the lightest color as your base. I learned this the hard way. Use a spoon to lower the egg into the water. The longer you keep it under, the more saturated the color.

4. Let the egg dry.

5. Dip the egg into the darker colors.

And there you have it, dip dyed eggs in kool aid.

But seriously, don’t drink the kool aid.

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This week’s Tuesday Etsy Spotlight, like all weeks right before a holiday, is a printable!

Lafabriqueabricole is a super stylish little etsy shop run by two sisters in Canada. I love how clean and ornate the different designs are. The colors are muted and so untraditionally coordinated… these easter colors are not the played out ol’ lavender, pink and yellow. 

They make these stylish little candy loot bags too, which you can use over and over again for different things.. a pretty good printable to just have on your desktop, n’cest pas?

And my favorite of all the simple little things in their store, are the bag toppers

Alright folks, I’ve got a WALKING toddler, who is slamming my keyboard and begging me to pay attention to him. Have a nice Tuesday! We’re going to dye some eggs this week and we’ll be sure to share!

Also, remember this post about alternates for candy? Those would be pretty fun these Easter goody bags too!

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an Easter outfit


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Easter is this Sunday. Growing up, Easter was one of my favorite holidays. We spent Easter at my aunt’s beach house with all my cousins. We’d go to church on the beach (Catholic upbringing) and then we’d get in our swimsuits and hunt for eggs around the house. It was always pretty casual on the beach, obviously, but I always wanted to find any reason to get dressed up. 

1. Fancy Yellow Dress.

2. Little Boy’s Bowtie.

3. Blue and Red Check.

4. Flower Clips.

5. Dark Pink Peter Pan Dress.

6. Like a Mini Chanel.

7. Classic Grey Cashmere Cardigan.

8. Trousers with Suspenders.

I love girl’s clothes, who doesn’t. But the real unsung hero, are little boys’s clothes. They’re like grown men’s clothes, but miniature! I really shouldn’t be looking at new kid’s clothes, given that I’ve received a MASSIVE box of hand me downs from Michelle/Lucas and I’m looking forward to receiving some new clothes for Gabriel tomorrow. Weeee!

Have a lovely week all.

Super duper special kisses and hugs to my favorite almost two year old boy, Lucas, or as I like to call him Yucas. Auntie Ondria yuvs you Yukey.

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When I was prego, I thought I was the frumpiest thing on two feet.

The first trimester was ok…the second was amazing, then the third, oh the third, there are very little photographs of the third…

I had convinced myself that I didn’t need to buy maternity clothes partially because I was in denial about how big I was getting, but mostly because I couldn’t really find any clothes that I liked. But recently, I heard about the HATCH collection, a clothing line for stylish maternity clothes, but with an added bonus of the clothes totally transforming into regular stylish clothes after having your babe! Clothes for before, during, and after pregnancy—for reals!

I’m definitely going to invest in some key pieces the next time I’m knocked up.. also, I LOVE how these models wear heels while pregnant! Why did I think that they were forbidden?

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I was so excited about posting this etsy spotlight last week, but alas, our site wasn’t working.. but now it’s up and running! Yipee!!!

This week’s etsy spotlight is dualchocolate, where you’ll find handmade products made with natural fibers. I found the items so beautifully crafted and unique that I HAD to share it with you all. The textures vary from soft and fuzzy to intricate and delicate. The colors are unreal and are so flattering. Love! I’d love to wear that green necklace over a white tee and some jeans…such a perfect piece to dress up any ensemble.

Moreover, her sweet crochet bears are so adorable. The simplicity is so refreshing and perfect for your little ones to use their own imagination for the bear’s personality. Love x2!

As a special little bonus, she is offering our readers a 20% discount on all items in her store with the code sweetsprout. Visit her store here!

I love her stuff, I hope you do too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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a few laundry tips


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I know right? How disgustingly domestic of me to post something about something as mundane as laundry. I suppose I was a little inspired by the Mad Men chatter for the premiere last night. Unfortunately, laundry is real and it sucks and it is the task I hate the MOST. I mean, I’d rather clean the bathrooms than fold laundry.

In our house, clean clothes take a long journey  from being in the hamper back into their respective drawers and shelves. They might spend a few days in the hamper, waiting to be washed, then they might spend the night in the washing machine, two nights in the dryer, a night in the clean clothes basket, two nights folded in the basket then maybe it will make it into the closet…maybe. I’m TERRIBLE at it, but I’ve tried to get better. Desperately tried to find ways to make it tolerable for me. And well, you might already know these things, you might not, but I thought I’d share them anyway.

Presort laundry. The whole wash only darks and only whites thing is total bollocks, unless you’re washing something for the FIRST few times and it’s something that is heavily pigmented, like blues, blacks or reds. So I wash things according to how it folds, ie all towels are washed together with kitchen towels, all tshirts and sweatshirts, all pants and sweats, then there’s usually a load of underwear, socks and other odds and ends. Not only does this conserve energy, but it makes folding SO much easier.

Remove shirts after a few mins in the dryer. Nothing’s more annoying than a crumpled up shirt. Ugh, not only did you get through the laundry, but now you have to iron? No thanks! Remove the shirt from the dryer after a few mins and hang it. Those wrinkles will never appear! And if you forget, this guy is pretty awesome.

Do a load a day. It makes it a lot more manageable and only takes a few minutes a load, rather than spending all weekend doing laundry.

Get rid of “blowout” stains by leaving soiled clothes in the sun. Forreals. It works. Just leave it out in the sun and it fades.

Aaand lastly, here are a few of my favorite products:

Dryerballs. Save money on dryer sheets!
Stain Remover. This stuff is a miracle. Love it.
Stain stick to go. I keep this in my purse now. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

image via Jezebel.

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This adorable vintagey looking toy is actually an MP3 player for kids. Since it’s made for very young cutie pies who [typically] can’t read yet, the buttons aren’t labeled with numbers or letters; instead they’re different colors, each with a different function, allowing little fingers and imaginations to explore and control sounds freely. Also, it’s battery operated, which means there are no cords or wires for little teeth to chew on. Brilliant, right?

When I saw this, I fell in love immediately. Unfortunately though, I can’t find a source that sells this German beauty in the US. Verflucht! 



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I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still in St. Patrick’s day mode or if it’s because I just naturally love this green stone, but lately I can’t stop thinking about jade. Did you know that jade is an ancient stone believed to have many significant energies? Holding it or wearing it can bring financial luck, and it can protect against accidents and misfortunes; and its soothing color provides healing properties, aiding in self-healing. It also happens to be the gemstone for both Pisces and Libra, mine and Andrea’s zodiac signs. It’s no wonder I’m so drawn to jade!

As I type this, my nails are painted in Jade by OPI. I know it’s not the actual jade stone, but hopefully just wearing the color will provide some of the magical energies of jade (though I’m doubtful). Below are some more jade-colored items we thought were pretty neat.

1) girl’s chino ruffle jacket, crewcuts. 2) ipad case, cygnett. 3)  jade link necklace, kenneth jay lane 4) jade nail polish, chanel 5) mint-dipped hobo, anthropologie 6) antique sea fan, vintagebytheshore 7) color-changing nightlight, boon 8) fabia x band sandals, pour la victoire 9) tear drop jade ring, toosis

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It’s been a little quiet over here. Sorry! I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, which I suppose means that I need to go out and do stuff to seek out a little inspiration.. not a bad idea!


A morning hike. We’ve been taking a few morning hikes at Griffith Park with my sister. It’s such a beautiful trail, quiet and full of nature. Our doggie gets to go off leash and explore the sites, my sister and I catch up on life and work our buns off, Gabriel gets to nap, and Aidan gets to have the morning off.. everybody wins!

A date with Frankie Ling (and her mommy). I go on weekly dates with this little girl and her mommy. She’s Gabriel’s best girl.. and you can see why! This week we went to the Grove to see the new Diane Von Furstenberg collaboration with Gap Kids.  It was all for girls, but it was CRAZY cute!

A new pair of pajamas + sleeping. I just got Gabriel some new pajamas at the Gap. He just kills me. We love sleep. The other day, I was able to talk to my sister (in the Philippines) for an hour and a half while he slept. That would be a favorite for the week for me, but I wasn’t sure how to photograph that. I rarely get to talk to her for so long uninterrupted, so it was really special!

A new set of spice jars. I LOVE our new spice jars. Aidan put all the spices in them and it made me so so happy. It was KILLING me to have a bunch of random spice containers and now they’re all pretty and uniform in these weck jars.

A spa date. My friend Kyo and I went to a Korean spa to get our bods exfoliated. It was so fantastic. Aidan took care of Gabriel all afternoon and through the evening (THANK YOU, LOVE!) and I got to relax with my friend. We got really hungry after, so we asked the women at the spa to recommend a good restaurant. The woman told us she’d write the name of the restaurant down… and handed us THAT piece of paper and some vague directions. We were pretty dubious that we’d be able to find it, but Kyo was able to match the characters with the restaurant! AmASIAN!

A new book to read. Steve Jobs’ biography. I can’t put it down. It’s so good.

A petrified pitbull. Chloe is a rescued pitbull. She has issues. One of them being that she is TERRIFIED of the wind. If she so much as hears a window creek, she runs for cover. I found her hiding in the shower. It didn’t make me happy, it’s not my favorite thing, but it’s stinkin’ cute.

A record player. WE FOUND IT! The Fisher Price record player! I had it when I was a kid and we got it for Gabriel recently, after popping our heads in almost every baby store. I could’ve just ordered it from Amazon, but the quest to find it was more fun. This toy was for me, but Gabriel seems to really enjoy it too.

Alright folks, we get our new vitamix today (we had one, but it moved out with my brother-in-law, leaving me a little depressed and begging for one for the past few months). I’m beyond excited. Aidan keeps teasing me and telling me that he keeps waiting for me to say “I just want everything to be perfect for it’s arrival.” I’ve been buying all sorts of supplies, like stuff to ingredients for smoothies and sippy cups with straws for Gabriel. His teasing is warranted for sure.

Have a FANTASTIC Saint Patrick’s day and also a happy Michelle birth day…. to my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love you. You are my ultimate Friday fave!


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