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Princesses and superheroes these are not, but I think any 3 or 4 year old would still enjoy many hours of valuable play time with any of these toys. And in my book, great play value equals great gift.

1. Dwell Studio Farm Stamp Set. $24. Art and animals in a cute wooden box. What more can you ask for?

2. Plan Toys Large Scale Kitchen. $200 and up (each). My parents are getting my boys the Plan Toys kitchen set for christmas. It was the cutest non-pink kitchen set I could find. I think it’s perfectly healthy to encourage boys to pretend they’re working in the kitchen. Maybe mine will grow up to be world renowned chefs one day.

3. Fishing playset. $35. Pretend fishing. You really can’t go wrong with a gift that allows the child to use their imagination.

4. Crochet Camera. $42. A cute crochet version of the Diana Lomo F+. Who could resist?

5. Svan Wooden Toddler Scooter Tricycle. $107. Ride-ons are usually parked somewhere visible (kind of like a piece of furniture), so it helps when they are well-designed, like this one. We have a few ride-ons already, but I wouldn’t cringe if someone gave my kids another one (especially if it looked like this), because when we have play dates, each child grabs a ride-on and my house turns into a freeway. It looks so fun.

6. Handmade Felt Alphabet. $38. These are soft and squishy. And its handmade quality makes it more endearing.

7. Skip Hop Zoo Pack. $20. Kids can carry around their new Christmas toys in style, where ever they go.

8. Pengoloo. $25. An adorable all-wood memory game incorporating penguins and their eggs. We have this, and we love it.

9. Tegu Magnetic Blocks. $32. Beautifully crafted wooden blocks in a cute felt travel case. Oh yah, and they’re fun, too.



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