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I’ve been lazy about blogging. I’ve been spending the evenings watching movies instead. Lately we saw Wanderlust and 21 Jump Street, both got me laughing out loud in a really dorky way. We also went to see Brave, which isn’t my favorite Disney Pixar movie, but it was fun to go out to the movies, eat popcorn and enjoy a warm summer night, while my sister babysat.

This week, our friends and their son are coming from San Francisco to stay with us. We, obviously, will have a difficult time watching fireworks since we’ve got little kids who are too young to appreciate pyrotechnics. So we decided that we would have a picnic with the kiddos instead. And the beauty of a summer picnic is that food and dessert can be super simple and still be so, so yummy.

I plan to make these with Gabriel’s help (he’s interested in “helping” these days). I love the idea of making two bite watermelon stars just with a cookie cutter!

And maybe even these without his help with the same cookie cutter. I love rice crispy treats and I make them the classic way, straight from the back of the box.

Also, remember Michelle’s post last year on the Fourth of July? Also this crafty little popper that you can totally make for the Fourth too!

I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures so I can at least share those.

In the meantime, I can share this little snapshot of our summer so far. Very trashy, blow up pool in a ghetto back yard, but my babies don’t seem to mind too much.

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