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a party hat DIY


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Who doesn’t love a traditional party hat? It actually turns out, LOTS of people, present party EXCLUDED! I love party hats! I think they’re so festive, traditional and nostalgic! I wanted to make Gabriel’s party hats for his birthday to fit the theme.


Patterned paper. I ordered wrapping paper on amazon to fit the theme. For this, I used blue and white polka dots, and red and white stripes! But what about this? or you could even use patterned scrapbook paper or printable paper? or what about lego embossed paper for a lego-themed party. Ok, getting carried away.
Elastic (string will work too, but won’t quite have the snug fit that elastic gives you.
Gluestick or spray adhesive
miscellaneous adornments. Think sequins, yarn/tissue pom-poms, feathers, die-cuts, flowers, whatever your heart desires.
and this template.


I suck. I actually didn’t take any pictures of the hat making process. But I can write them out!

1. Print the template on your cardstock.

2. Glue or spray fixative the patterned paper onto the cardstock making sure to get the edges really well. Make sure that you stick it to the side without the template outline since you’ll be using those lines to cut it out in step 3!

3. Cut the template and the little slits that will allow you to slip the tab into the slit.

4. Use a piece of tape to stick the tab to the inside of the hat–for extra strength.

5. Decorate it with your desired adornments! I just topped it off with a feather!

6. Staple the elastic to the each side of the hat. You can also use a hole puncher and tie string on each side.

et voila!

a party hat!

image Noah Rangno, via ocburbs

Check out more pictures of the party herehere and from here!

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I have to apologize for the insane amount of pictures on this post; it’s really hard to pick which ones I liked most. I also went majorly overboard with stuff for the party, but I had so much fun!
We ended up with not one, but TWO cakes! We originally had one that was 7 layers big, with a cat in the hat and the WORKS, but unfortunately the beautiful cake met it’s match with a sharp turn in the car.

I have to say though, they more than made up for it with a SECOND cake which arrived just in time for the second wave of guests. Both cakes were from Magical Cakes who even did a very special little animation for Gabriel. On small pieces of paper, placed on top of cupcakes,  you could scan the image with your iphone or ipad and up popped an animation with Gabriel in a scene from the Cat in the Hat!

First of all, I purchased this package from Etsy’s lee laa loo store, I also did a post on another etsy store that also does party packages here. I didn’t use all the different printouts, but I did use some of it and changed it around on photoshop to use for other things. I also purchased wrapping paper from Amazon in red and white stripes and blue and white polka dots to use for party hats and pinwheels. I downloaded a simple Dr. Seuss font here and used it as I pleased!

From top to bottom.

Homemade rice krispie treats packaged to look like thing one and thing two. I wrapped them individually with wax paper then made a red tissue band with a cut out of either “thing one” or “thing two.” And with the help of my sister and her boyfriend, glued a generous little fluff of blue easter basket paper grass from a party supply store.

Small aqua pod water bottles wrapped with custom labels. And old fashioned popcorn boxes filled with kettle corn. I had originally wanted to pop my own kettle corn since the packaged kettle corn at groceries have partially hydrogenated fat, but fortunately my sister found packaged kettle corn at Trader Joe’s without any funky additives.

Coke bottles. Because really, why not?

Little bags with homemade cookies. The recipe I used is here.

Plum Organics banana and apple puree pouches decorated with pinwheels for our littler guests who don’t necessarily eat sugar yet. I roughly copied this post to make the pinwheels, except I glued on a piece of wrapping paper on one side.

Fishbowls with candy. The candy we had were peppermints, miniature chocolates rewrapped and some with quotes from books, my favorite was one from Happy Birthday to You, “a person’s a person, no matter how small,” white rabbit candies and striped lollipops.

I also made this super simple cutout using a science fair poster board and a giant photocopy of the image from The Cat in the Hat.

It was a pretty sweet little party and people really got into the theme which was so very cute. Not pictured: Gabriel’s super cute giveaway, audio cds with Dr. Seuss stories read by comedians. Find it on itunes here. All in all, Gabriel’s first birthday party was a smashing success and the poor little man fell asleep instantly and didn’t even wake up when I changed his diaper!

My friends are MEGA amazing, thank you to Kyo and Alexis, who spent an entire day crafting with me. Extra special thank you to Kyo who came early and threw on the ergo and set up the party while I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. Also thank you to Mendie for the cakeS, my sister and Jeff who bailed on the Grammy’s to be at Gabriel’s first birthday party, Alli who also helped make the party look super smashing, my mom for getting so into it and of course Aidan, who put up with my insane nights of no sleep because I was crafting.

***edit.. I forgot to thank Andrea who came over to my house from MISSION FRIGGEN VIEJO at like ONE in the FRIGGEN morning to drop off some party platter that I just sat on and broke. Andrea, a new one from pottery barn is coming in the mail to you. I suck. But you should check out her blog, here. It is seriously GOOD reading material and insanely cute kids. We may have already begun to plan the wedding between her daughter and Gabriel.


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I’m planning Gabriel’s birthday party. It’s going to be awesome. During my search, I came across lots of fun stuff on etsy, one of which was this store that does awesome themed birthday stuff. It’s actually even a great place to find ideas for your kids’ parties. 

Andersruff is an etsy store run by two mommies. The store is pretty fun and their party packages are mostly customizable AND they’re all printable!

You will receive your customized packet via email and then you print all of it out and use it as you like! So neato!

Think about it for your next party! Definitely fun!

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