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I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still in St. Patrick’s day mode or if it’s because I just naturally love this green stone, but lately I can’t stop thinking about jade. Did you know that jade is an ancient stone believed to have many significant energies? Holding it or wearing it can bring financial luck, and it can protect against accidents and misfortunes; and its soothing color provides healing properties, aiding in self-healing. It also happens to be the gemstone for both Pisces and Libra, mine and Andrea’s zodiac signs. It’s no wonder I’m so drawn to jade!

As I type this, my nails are painted in Jade by OPI. I know it’s not the actual jade stone, but hopefully just wearing the color will provide some of the magical energies of jade (though I’m doubtful). Below are some more jade-colored items we thought were pretty neat.

1) girl’s chino ruffle jacket, crewcuts. 2) ipad case, cygnett. 3)  jade link necklace, kenneth jay lane 4) jade nail polish, chanel 5) mint-dipped hobo, anthropologie 6) antique sea fan, vintagebytheshore 7) color-changing nightlight, boon 8) fabia x band sandals, pour la victoire 9) tear drop jade ring, toosis

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