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1. A family dinner with my sister and Aidan’s brother. We just got this cookbook and we made Coq au Vin and Dauphinoise gratin from it and plan to make every recipe in there!

2. A trip to LACMA’s California Design show for my birthday. This is actually an installation where they moved all the contents of the Eames house into LACMA. Aidan and I went to the Eames house when we first started dating. This was an INCREDIBLE show.

3. A special new ep. Aidan’s newest ep was also released on my birthday. He worked on this while I was pregnant. It is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. If you’d like to purchase it, and I think you should, you can buy it here.

4. A beautiful baby shower. We attended the baby shower of our friends which was held at a GORGEOUS house in Pasadena. To see more pictures, see my sister’s website here

5. A few new kitchen items. My amazing husband, he’s such a fan of our blog that he got me a few cute little kitchen items from Anthropologie so I could take cuter pictures for my posts.

This picture isn’t actually one of my faves for friday, it’s one of my faves for life. Spending my birthday with my two guys (and our dog Chloe) was more amazing and better than any gift I’ve ever received. The fact that all three of them adore each other makes me feel like the most successful person alive. It was the best birthday of my entire life and all we did was spend time together. 

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