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Happy New Year, friends! This is my first post of the new year, and my first in a long while. I know I’ve been posting sporadically, leaving most of the blogging to Andrea, but as Andrea said yesterday, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging! However, I have 3 new year’s resolutions for 2012: craft more, bake more, and blog more, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me this year, giving Andrea a much needed break every now and then!

Now on to my five faves for the week…
1. California to New York. We are completely dodging the frigid east coast cold, and soaking in the rays in sunny southern California for a couple weeks. I’d be silly to say I don’t enjoy wearing tank tops in January…




2. Huntington Beach, CA. On New Year’s Day we rented a 6-seater pedal cart from Zack’s Surf Shop and cycled along the coast as a family. I think we just created a new New Year’s tradition!




 3. Star Wars Exhibit at Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA (going on through April 15.) My boys are turning into the world’s biggest Star Wars fans (yes, Lucas too!), so you can imagine how excited they were to see real props and costumes used in the Star Wars films.



4. Snowboarding at Bear Mountain in Big Bear, CA. I had the best time boarding with my brother, my sister and my cousins, even though it has left my back incredibly sore! I am in pain as I type this.




5. Our  new Tegu Blocks. We roamed the streets of LA yesterday with Andrea and Gabriel when Nico spotted these magnetic wooden blocks at super hip Eggy and couldn’t put them down… Sold!




One of the gazillion superstitions I believe in is that how you spend the first week of the year foreshadows how the rest of the year will pan out. With that said, it looks like a promising 2012! Cheers, everyone!

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