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Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already Friday. The week just flew by, didn’t it? My sister was in town for a couple weeks visiting from California, but she left last night. It was nice hanging out together all day every day, just like when we were younger. I’ll miss her company and I’ll miss her help, and boy was she a big help! She would hang out with the boys at home whenever I needed to run to the grocery store, or drop Nico off at school or a playdate. I loved being able to just get up and leave, without having to lug around the whole gang. It really was a luxury having her around, but now she’s gone and we’re back to facetiming each other.

Anyway, here are some highlights of my week.

1. The first snow of the season is always exciting. The town is painted white and everything looks different and new. We took the boys sledding, and we would’ve sledded all day if it didn’t start to hail. (Imagine how painful it felt sledding down a hill while getting whipped in the face by hundreds of tiny iced pebbles! Ouch!)


2. My Christmas present arrived! This was on back order, but finally, my stand mixer is here! So much better late than never!





3. Family bingo night. I’ve always wanted to go to a bingo night, and last weekend, I finally got to do it… with my family (Matt, boys and sister)! I even got a Bingo and yelled out “BINGO!” So fun.




4. An organized kitchen. I’ve been wanting to do a kitchen organizing project for months now, but this week I finally got around to doing it! I bought a bunch of glass canisters and filled them with baking stuff. I labeled them with a sharpie, and then the next day Andrea told me about chalkboard sticker labels (the ones she posted about last week)! I really don’t mind the sharpie, but once it starts to scratch off (which will be soon, I’m secretly hoping) I’m sprinting to Staples to pick up those cool chalkboard labels.

5. A glimpse of the Freedom Tower. We were in the Union Square area of Manhattan window shopping for furniture when we saw the Freedom Tower in construction. When I saw it, I felt a great feeling of sadness, but hopeful at the same time. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. I’m just glad this is finally being built.



I guess that’s it for the week. I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. I’ll be organizing the playroom. If it turns out nice, maybe I’ll share some photos. :)

(As usual, all photos for Five Faves For Friday, are taken with an iPhone and edited through Instagram.)

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